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Beautiful sunny coast

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

I spent last week working at the University of the Sunshine Coast teaching staff and students how to use software to help them in their research (link to the software here if you are interested). I always love coming to USC for a number of reasons: the people are incredibly friendly and there is some awesome wildlife.

I also love that I get to stay at Mooloolaba with a spectacular view of the beach. All in a days work….


Launch into life @ Logan

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Last week on the 8th of September, I volunteered as a presenter at Griffith University for the Launch into Life at Logan day which welcomed year 6 students from local primary schools.

It was a fun day attempting to inspire the young ones. I only had 20 minutes with each group of about 15 students so I went low-tech (figured if I relied on tech to work for only 20 mins, something would go wrong!). The session I ran was “how to be a tech designer” where I asked the participants to design their mobile phone of the future. There were some great ideas!

Armed with lots of free stickers, bubbles and frisbees, there was a lot of excitement. Each student attending also received a copy of the pink book. One boy even asked if he could give it to his sister for his birthday! So cute 🙂 Fun day all round.

Best job in the world…

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I really do have the best job in the world. I’m sitting in Wellington airport waiting for my flight back home to Brisbane. I’ve been here working for 2 days, all expenses paid, and I also get paid very nicely for the work I do. I did a bit of shopping and ate some incredible food.

World cup fever is strong here in NZ, and who could blame them. It’s exciting! Hosting the rugby world cup doesn’t happen every day. I’m not even really a rugby fan but it has been hard not be to be swept up in it on my short trip. There are flags, memorabilia and singing everywhere. It’s a fun place to be.

Sitting in the airport lounge I just witnessed the Scotland rugby team arrive.  After an announcement of their arrival, there was a traditional Maori welcome which got everyone in the airport excited. Geez there are some tall Scots in the team! The traditional welcome was entertaining and theatrical, and the Scots seemed pleased, what a blast! And all in the name of IT work….

the tech girls blog has moved….

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Just a quick message to let all my readers know I have moved my blog for the pink book. I’ve been having problems accessing it on blogger for some time, so now I have moved to wordpress. The nice thing with this is I can update from my iPad, so I promise to update it regularly. Really I will 🙂

the new blog link is:

FYi – the old blog is still at: