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All I want for Christmas is my…

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

No, not my two front teeth (remember that great song!)…but I do remember back to my younger years when that was all I wanted. What do I want for Christmas? Nothing other than fun and happiness for all of my family and friends. Sounds a bit cliche hey? I admit it is, but I have had such a fun, adventurous and successful year personally and work wise that I really have everything I want. Adventures to the US, New Zealand, Finland, Russia and the Netherlands were amazing…

I’m excited that christmas has come a little early with a much-anticipated gift…my computer engineer Barbie! Thanks to my wonderful friends from Victoria, Julie Fisher, Annemieke Craig and Catherine Lang, who ordered and had delivered the fabulous dolls to their hotel room in Portland, Oregan while attending the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women conference. I hinted that I wanted one, and they were unavailable to buy in Australia, so now I’m happy to now have it in my hands!

I was always a big fan of Barbie, having a wide collection when I was a child. I admit I am surprised how taken I am with this new addition to barbie’s careers, and happy that I played a part in her being a role model for tech careers to young girls (I voted!). You might scoff at Barbie being a role model, but I know she was an important tool for communication and socialization in my youth. I’m also happy to report that Barbie’s body shape has changed significantly since I inspected her last. Her breasts are much smaller, and she has impressive hips!! 🙂 her waist is still small, but she is now much better proportioned. I love her outfit, the binary code and circuitry on her shirt is impressive (where can I buy one?)

Maybe I now need to go and dig out the old Ken doll to see if he is up to scratch?
Happy holidays x



Goodbye beautiful friend…

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Today I farewell my beautiful friend Sue Wickenden. It’s such a shock to hear the news of your tragic accident yesterday, and to realize how empty the world will be without you. We met back in 2006 while on a judging panel for the Women in IT awards. I remember being so inspired then by your friendliness, obvious sills and expertise in running your own successful software business, and your commitment to encouraging more women into the IT industry. We became fast friends, and worked together (or volunteered rather) on a number of initiatives to inspire girls about technology.

I remember the kind words you said about my pink book, recommending me to present on your behalf at a school in Tambourine Mtn where I took your faith in me to some fabulous young girls to spread the good word that we need more women in our industry. I took that role very seriously.

I also remember your kindness at offering to help me out in processing some sales of the pink book because I didn’t have the resources. You didn’t even seem to think twice to offer your help, even though you didn’t have too. But again, I recognized your compassion and was inspired at your helpfulness.

The last time I saw you was at a geek girl dinner where you popped in to show your support of the cause, and then ran off to be part of a panel discussing the Qld software industry, of which you are a pioneer and a role model for all women. Again I was inspired.

In the last few months I saw your fb posts and pics about travelling to Europe with your dear aunt, your new found love, the joy of seeing your son become a man, and the excitement of your new hobby, luge. I admit each time I saw pics of you suiting up and screaming down a hill, I did think you were a little mad, but you looked so happy. I was happy for you.

Then you recommended your yoga hangout to me recently and after seeing you in their advertisement looking more fab than I had ever seen you, I knew I wanted some of that. So again I was inspired. For weeks I have been looking around the yoga room hoping to see you, but not to be. I’m sure I will keep looking for your beautiful face, and I will try to smile to thank you for being part of my life. I will never forget you xx