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Have IT… Will travel!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

One of the things I love about my job in IT is the travel. I’ve been to many exotic places for brief trips including Mexico, China, and the New Zealand. I’ve always anted to work a little more permanently overseas. Netherlands is probably my first choice, with my Dutch heritage and love of the old city of Amsterdam, I would love to ride my bike to work along a beautiful canal.

It seems now is a great time to work overseas (or at least somewhere other than oz, we have a great dollar at the moment, but that also means the cost of living here is relatively high). This article that my friend Catherine shared has some interesting ideas of where the work opportunities are around the world right now.

best places to live for IT work

What struck me most is the IT work situation in the US. Even with 8.5% unemployment, there are a million vacant IT jobs. A MILLION! Wow. With 2 million more jobs to be created in the next few years. I find that difficult to comprehend. With wages high and the cost of living relatively low in the US, sounds like there are endless opportunities to work with technology. Sounds like there has never been a better time.