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Traversing through the European autumn…..

Monday, October 29th, 2012

I’ve just returned from a 2 week research adventure in the beautiful European autumn, so many beautiful colours – this was my view just outside my office at the university in Muenster. So pretty!


I spent a really productive week at the European Research Centre for Information Systems welcomed by my lovely hosts Armin & Elena- enjoyed the local rituals & delicacies like curry sausage (with 7 levels do chili – dare if you will) and beer with peaches – yes whole cut peaches. It was weirdly good!


Muenster is in the north of Germany. There are 3 bicycles for every person (it is very flat!) and with a town of 300 000 people, it is very vibrant with half of the population under 35! The peace treaty of Westphalia was signed in the Rathaus (town hall) after the 30 years war, and it is a really beautiful part of the world…


I love the history and the landscape. This pic is one of my favourites ever, this really was a magical moment watching the leaves fall like snow (remember snow is a novelty for us Aussies!)


I took a whole bunch of refugee koalas with me (the cute stuffed kind) to give out to all who attended my presentation – hardly anyone realizes how close koalas are to extinction so I did my bit to raise awareness. My hosts gave me a lovely bag of gifts, one of which was this nice tea…but notice the “lost in translation” ingredient?

More travel adventure stories to come!



Young ICT Explorers event – so much fun!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate as a judge at an event where schoolkids developed some kind of technology. I was excited to attend, and to see the really awesome projects the teams completed. My most favourite was the group of 8 year olds who were too young to enter but they attended anyway to present their 3 pigs and the wolf robots (fluffy and all!) – the wolf was trying to blow the house down of course. They were adorable!  and very inspiring 🙂

Check out the video of the day – organised by SAP research.



A look inside google’s data centre – so cool!! :)

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Have you ever wondered how your Google page manages to load in just a nano-second? Or where your gmail is stored in the world? Well look inside here at Google’s data centre…they handle mindblowing amounts of data!

Are you a female in academia?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

If so, you may have a story to contribute to this site!


Wonder if my experience of being told in my undergraduate degree that “girls can’t program” qualifies….

Of course there are many wonderful and supportive men in academia too – let’s not tar them all with the same brush of a few exceptions…I just had an ice cream break with a bunch of great guys (and girls too) in academia – which was an interesting experience when it is 10 degrees outside (I’m in Germany in autumn).

Hope your week is as fabulous as mine!


A fantastic Australian role model

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


Whether you like her politics or not, I think we are very fortunate in Australia to have such a strong and powerful woman running the country for the first time ever. No, she was not elected (that is another topic altogether), but this somehow qualifies her to endure the worst possible daily commentary on everything from her partner to her wardrobe. You never hear this about male politicians. What did John Howard wear? Of course no one cared and it was not discussed. But somehow we (or some) continuously care about what Julia wears. The comments from Alan Jones are unfathomable – how can you propose to send your PM out to sea and drown her? How is this on any level acceptable? Or comment on her father passing away as somehow being her fault?


Anyway, I’m currently travelling in Europe and I was very intrigued when my friend Vanessa posted online about Julia’s speech and what she though was important for her young children’s future in Australia. I had to watch the video. Go Julia! is all I can say….and I love my fabulous friends who talk out about things that are really important for all of us. I really am proud to be an Australian today… xx