About me

I’m Jenine Beekhuyzen and I’m a tech girl. I work in IT/computing. I have a diploma in Business, an undergraduate degree in Information Technology. I also have a Graduate Certificate in Research Management and I have a Doctorate of Philosophy (Dr Jenine :)).

I love my work in IT, and I take very opportunity to tell others about study and careers in this exciting, challenging and growing field. I’m particularly interested in inspiring young girls to consider a career in this non-traditional area for women. I have written a book in the hope of doing just that. It is titled Tech girls are chic (not just geek!).

I’m writing this blog as an extension of the book, in the hope of giving some insight into what an IT career is about. I love my job and hope that I can be a role model to those considering a career in this fun and innovative discipline. I hope you are inspired :).

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