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Traversing through the European autumn…..

Monday, October 29th, 2012

I’ve just returned from a 2 week research adventure in the beautiful European autumn, so many beautiful colours – this was my view just outside my office at the university in Muenster. So pretty!


I spent a really productive week at the European Research Centre for Information Systems welcomed by my lovely hosts Armin & Elena- enjoyed the local rituals & delicacies like curry sausage (with 7 levels do chili – dare if you will) and beer with peaches – yes whole cut peaches. It was weirdly good!


Muenster is in the north of Germany. There are 3 bicycles for every person (it is very flat!) and with a town of 300 000 people, it is very vibrant with half of the population under 35! The peace treaty of Westphalia was signed in the Rathaus (town hall) after the 30 years war, and it is a really beautiful part of the world…


I love the history and the landscape. This pic is one of my favourites ever, this really was a magical moment watching the leaves fall like snow (remember snow is a novelty for us Aussies!)


I took a whole bunch of refugee koalas with me (the cute stuffed kind) to give out to all who attended my presentation – hardly anyone realizes how close koalas are to extinction so I did my bit to raise awareness. My hosts gave me a lovely bag of gifts, one of which was this nice tea…but notice the “lost in translation” ingredient?

More travel adventure stories to come!



Starting the day with my feet in the sand…

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Starting the day with my feet in the sand has to be the best start to the day. I’m working at the university of the sunshine coast with a really lovely bunch of researchers, and we’ve been having lots of laughs! I’m staying at mooloolaba as I usually do when I work here. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I also love that I my workshop starts at 9:30 giving me some time to enjoy it.

It’s been another massive week but a very exciting one. I was the guest speaker at the WIT Qld mentoring launch this week, invited by my former student Caroline who did an awesome job of revamping the program. I actually ran the program a few times 10 years ago, so it’s nice to be involved again.


And the best thing happened! A girl studying 1st yr IT / creative industries came up to me to tell me she had read the pink book when she was in year 9, and she thought the jobs in there sounded really cool, so she decided to do IT. She said the book was really inspiring and that she was so nervous & excited to meet me! I was equally excited to meet her!

I suggested that she might like to contribute a story to the new edition of the book, and her response was “I will have to go and do something exciting first!” hehe I’m sure she would be inspiring to someone in high school….

Wishing you a fabulous day! 🙂
J x

A spectacular view

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

I’m actually too tired to write a post but couldn’t help but share the beautiful view at the end of the day…


The pancake machine…

Friday, July 27th, 2012

This has to be one of the coolest tech inventions of all time…the pancake machine! Press a button & they pop out!


I’m having breakfast at the qantas club in Melbourne heading back to brisvegas after a very busy and successful trip! I’m new to the club, didnt realize they had breakkie. Now my flight has been delayed so more time for pancakes!

I spent a long day at the software company I work with first, learning all about their plans for the future of the software – I’m sworn to secrecy, but it is exciting.

I spent this day with 4 other trainers in the software who came from NZ, SA & Melb. We had a lot of laughs! We spent the day in the boardroom with different people in the company coming throughout the day to give us presentations on different aspects of the company, and asking for our input and feedback. We felt like we were super important! It is so nice to work with such a fabulous tech company. I have such a great job.

Then us trainers trained a group of people for 2 days in the new version of the software. We did some team teaching (took turns in different features of the software) which was lots of fun and we even learnt a few things from each other.

So after some very long days followed by some long dinners, I’m exhausted again. We took this pic on our first night, no idea why we all look so evil…


Science is exhausting :) but barcelona was incredible!

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I’ve now returned from a massive two week trip to Barcelona, Spain, with a stop in Melbourne on the way home (next post). I went to Spain to present a paper at the European Conference on Information Systems that I wrote based on my PhD studies. it is one of the best papers I’ve written (and I’ve had a lot of practice!) and I was rewarded with an award for the most innovative research paper -wow! So out of 1000 or so papers originally submitted to the conference, 29% were accepted, and our of those, mine was chosen as the best. Wow, wow, wow! I’m a little excited! 🙂


Conferences are about discussing the science of technology. I met lots of very interesting people at the conference, and i learnt a lot of new things. I’m also setting up some research collaborations with people in Germany, Finland, and Lichtenstein, very cool! Going to conferences can be a little strange, you get to meet people whose work and ideas you have been reading for years, so it’s a bit rock star like in the mildest sense. It’s sure is intellectually stimulating too!


Barcelona was beautiful and I had lots of fun travelling with my friends. Some friends I regularly see at conferences so it was fun to hang out by the beach when we had time away from the conference. And I made some new friends…


The only downside to the trip was that my handbag was stolen right under my nose without me even seeing it go! They are very talented those guys who hang out by the beach, waiting for any opportunity. They got my phone, credit card, license, reading glasses and about €100, oh and my room card. But it could have been much worse, so I’m not letting it get me down. Hope the things I learnt can help you:

  • Only take what you need with you when you are out of your room in a new city – leave the passport and other credit cards in your room safe. Dont even bring your video store cards etc from home
  • Do not take your room key inside the sleeve that has the hotel name and room number written. If my hotel didn’t have 24hr reception, I’m sure I would have had everything stolen. They came back to my hotel. Creepy!
  • always be with a friend if possible! Makes the whole experience much more bearable and manageable!
  • Remember, there is always someone else worse off! Enjoy every day.
  • It was a really great adventure to the other side of the world. Once again, I love my job. It rocks!

    Next post – Presenting at go girl Melbourne
    J x

    What to do with jet lag…..

    Monday, June 18th, 2012

    So it’s 4am and I can’t sleep. I’ve been travelling for 2 weeks to barcelona and now I’m in melbourne. But I’m ready to go home to brisbane to my own bed. I’m staying in a motel, sharing a room with a friend who also can’t sleep. So after tossing and turning for a couple of hours we decided to get up and do some work (well she is working, I’m posting pics of my trip online (will blog about that soon)). This is the 2nd night in a row this has happened to me, but you take the good with the bad.

    So I decided to watch the Euro2012 soccer match between Croatia and Spain. I’ve been watching a few games while in barcelona, after all Spain are the world and european champions! In Australia, the game airs at 4:45am, which I would usually say is ridiculous 😜 but it’s perfect today because I really can’t do any work at this hour. The problem is that one particular tv station has the rights to air the game through a specially purchased channel of foxtel, and I couldn’t find anywhere online to watch the game through the motel wifi. After an hour of searching I found that because we had purchased this channel at home, I could login with my Foxtel smart card number to the web and watch it. What a treat! But I had to get the smart card number from the Foxtel box at home 😒 so knowing that hubby would be watching the game at home before work, I texted him to send me the number. Once he did, I could login and watch!

    I think this is pretty cool, even if it was frustrating to work out how to do it. But watching a live soccer match from Poland on my Mac while in melbourne is a good demonstration of how cool technology can be! There’s even a cool little dashboard. I’m impressed. Go Spain!


    Barcelona, here I come!

    Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

    I’m so excited, I’m going to Barcelona, Spain! Even better, it’s for work!

    Part of what I do in my job as an academic researcher is that I write research papers reporting on the results of my research. These are usually 5000 words long. I find it really hard to write a good research paper! But I keep practicing….

    Well the practicing paid off! My paper was accepted to the international conference on information systems (ecis) which will be held in Barcelona in June this year! I really can’t believe it! I expected to get the paper rejected as often happens, but this time I was pleasantly surprised! The conference only accepted ~220 papers out of about 800, not great odds. but this time I beat them! So I get to go to Spain and present details on my research. The paper is about what motivates file sharers to share music in online communities.

    Best of all, Barcelona is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world. I get to see Gaudi’s mosaics again, and be inspired. After my last trip there in 2004, hubby & I created our own piece of Gaudi in our living room. I am reminded of the beautiful place every single day 🙂


    So right now, I feel like I can do anything! Maybe it’s time to work on a new mosaic masterpiece…