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what would we do without the www…..?

Friday, February 8th, 2013

drumroll….. – my new website! I’ve been building my own consulting business for a few years but I’ve never had a web presence for it, or even a business name…so I’m really proud of myself for firstly building up enough of a business to warrant a website, and also for finally launching such a great site! 



It was also very timely to launch my website this week as I had the absolute pleasure to sit in on a presentation by the founder of the WWW – Sir Tim Berners-Lee. I read Sir Tim’s book a few years ago and loved reading about the history of a technology that most of us take for granted when we use it every single day. So it was certainly an awesome experience to see him in the flesh and hear about his views on open data and the future of information management. Very very inspiring!! I feel I owe Sir TBL a lot…..